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Bus Stop

William Inge

Directed by
Roy Barry

Sponsored by 
H K Buzby and Sons
Royal Cabinet

Running weekends February 16th through March 4th

As told by the NY Herald-Tribune, BUS STOP is "...a warm and sensible little overnight scrap between a couple of stranded, stubborn, appealing people. A bus out of Kansas City pulls up at a cheerful roadside diner in the middle of a howling snowstorm.... All roads are blocked, and four or five weary travelers are going to have to hole up until morning. Cherrie, scurrying through the doorway in a spangled nightclub gown and a seedy fur trimmed jacket, is the passenger with most to worry about. She's been pursued, made love to, and finally kidnapped by a 21-year-old cowboy with a ranch of his own and the romantic methods of an unusually headstrong bull. The belligerent cowhand is right behind her, ready to sling her over his shoulder and carry her, alive and kicking, all the way to Montana. Even as she's ducking out from under his clumsy but confident embraces, and screeching at him fiercely to shut him up, she pauses to furrow her forehead and muse, "Somehow deep inside of me I got a funny feeling I'm gonna end up in Montana..." As a counterpoint to the main romance, the proprietor of the cafe and the bus driver at last find time to develop a friendship of their own; a middle-age scholar comes to terms with himself; and a young girl who works in the cafe also gets her first taste of romance.
The Prisoner of Second Avenue

Neil Simon

Directed by 
Ray Leiter

To be presented March 30th through April 14th

The Prisoner of Second Avenue is the story of Mel and Edna Edison, a typical husband and wife from the 1970s. Mel loses his job and eventually has a mental breakdown due to his feeling useless. Edna then goes back to work to support them, making Mel feel even worse about the entire situation. The play has a happy ending, but the moral of the story is that the pressures of being in the rat race can eventually drive you nuts .

Sponsored by

Petrock's Bar



Please note: This show contains adult language and situations this is not the Movie version. It is not recommended for young children (PG-13).


Directed by
Tina Lee

Performed weekends May 4th through May 27th

Nuts is a courtroom drama provoking & encapsulating issues ranging from justice and power, amongst other valuable themes within society. Being set in the courtroom of a psychiatric wing at Bellevue Hospital also represents themes of normality and the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

The lead character, Claudia Faith Draper, is indicted for manslaughter in the first degree.

These allusions, being presented within a legal environment, blend themes of power especially the role of authority symbolized by the judge, lawyers and the only witness being a psychiatrist. Regardless of this, Claudia still can recall exactly the words of the psychiatrist during their ‘consultations.’


Tom Topor

Directed by
Jak Prince

Opening July 20th and playing through August 5th

Please note: This show contains adult language and situations. No one under 17 admitted without parent.

Music By                                          Lyrics by         
Richard Rodgers        Oscar Hammerstein II
Book By
Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse

directed by                                         musical director
Linda Neri                     Richard Hope

Presented weekends September 7th through September 30th
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Moon Over Buffalo

Ken Ludwig

Directed by
Marianna Sellers

Running weekends October 26th through November 11th

"Moon Over Buffalo" is an outrageously funny comedy centered around a middle-aged acting couple performing in Buffalo. The husband is frantically trying to keep his wife from finding out that a member of the troupe is carrying his child; talk his daughter out of deserting the stage; and keep a very bad acting company together long enough to impress Frank Capra with a production of "Private Lives" which becomes a production of "Cyrano" in a hilarious mix-up

The play is written by Ken Ludwig, who wrote "Lend Me A Tenor"

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